Donald Trump Jr event canceled due to his connection to “violence” and “terrorism”

You’d run into trouble booking someone like Osama bin Laden for a paid speaking event (even if he weren’t dead), so it stands to reason that promoters are going to run into trouble booking people like Donald Trump Jr for a paid speaking event. Of course the right wing extremists who are still supporting the Trump terrorist movement seem confused by this concept.

After a promoter sold tickets for a Donald Trump Jr event, the payment platform WePay decided to refund all the sales. According to the promoter, WePay washed its hands of the event because Trump Jr promotes “hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, and the financial exploitation of a crime.”


The promoter seems very upset by this development. But Donald Trump Jr is in fact a guy who pushes hate speech, promotes violence, helped incite the January 6th terrorist attack, and is trying to financially exploit the various crimes that he and his family have committed. Sounds about right to us.

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