The stakes just got a lot higher for the rogue White House lawyer

As more House impeachment testimony continues to surface, more and more of the focus has begun to point to one White House lawyer in particular. Now the stakes for that lawyer have just gotten a whole lot higher.

First we learned that Colonel Vindman testified that White House lawyer John Eisenberg had said he was going to hide the Trump-Ukraine transcript on the secret server. Then we learned that Eisenberg also allegedly told Vindman not to speak to anyone about what he’d heard on the Trump-Ukraine phone call. If this pans out, it means Eisenberg committed obstruction of justice on a level that’ll send him to prison for a very long time after Trump is out of office. This brings us to last night.

John Eisenberg just happens to be scheduled to testify on Monday. We imagine the House impeachment inquiry will have quite a number of pointed questions for him about the Ukraine scandal, and he could have quite a hard time trying to figure out how to answer them without either incriminating himself or perjuring himself. Accordingly, the House subpoenaed Eisenberg on Friday night, in order to underscore that he does not have the option of not showing up.

We’ll see what Eisenberg does on Monday. If he testifies, he’ll probably be worsening his already-ugly criminal exposure – but his cooperating might earn him leniency from prosecutors once Trump is gone. If he refuses to testify, it’ll help ensure that he faces the most severe criminal charges possible once this is over. Eisenberg can’t win no matter what he does next, but it’s his move anyway.