Proof just surfaced of the Trump White House coverup

Earlier this week, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman testified to the House impeachment inquiry that when he took his concerns about the Trump-Ukraine phone call to White House lawyer John Eisenberg this summer, Eisenberg responded by proposing that the transcript be locked away in a classified server. Now it turns out it’s even worse than that.

Colonel Vindman has testified that not only did Eisenberg propose hiding the transcript, he told Vindman not to tell anyone about what he’d heard on the phone call, according to a startling new report tonight from Politico. If Vindman’s testimony bears out, it means that Eisenberg can’t argue that he was merely hiding the transcript for safekeeping. Instead, it proves that this was a conscious effort at preventing anyone from finding out what Trump said on the phone call.

This means we now have proof that Donald Trump’s people knew he did something wrong and proof that they executed a coverup to try to make sure it never got out. This is textbook obstruction of justice on the part of Eisenberg and anyone else involved in hiding the evidence of this or any other Trump communications with foreign leaders.

If you’ve been waiting for proof that the Trump regime consciously engaged in a coverup of Donald Trump’s Ukraine crimes, now we have it. This comes even as Adam Schiff has announced that he’ll begin releasing the transcripts of House impeachment testimony as soon as next week. The minute Colonel Vindman’s testimony transcript goes public, you can expect all hell to break loose.

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