Donald Trump is spitting in the face of the wrong Republicans at a time when he needs them most

If enough Senate Republicans were to decide right now that Donald Trump needed to go, he’d be gone from office by the end of the day. Forget an impeachment conviction vote; all they’d have to do is signal that they’re planning to vote to remove Trump, and it would immediately be all over for him.

Somewhere in the more lucid recesses of his deranged mind, Donald Trump knows this. He knows that alienating the Republicans is a bad idea. The trouble is, he’s long past the point of having any good options. So Trump is doing what he always does when things are going badly for him: he’s spitting in the face of the Republicans he needs – and some of them are already turning against him over it.

Trump spent the weekend attacking Mitt Romney, in a manner which didn’t hurt Romney one bit, thus showing that it’s possible for a Republican Senator to publicly stand up to a newly weakened Trump and live to tell about it. Trump spent today carrying out a deranged gambit involving Syria and Turkey that’s forced his biggest cheerleader Lindsey Graham, and his most important reluctant backer Mitch McConnell, to publicly come out against him over it. Oh, and Trump also just tried to blame his Ukraine scandal on Rick Perry, who isn’t in Congress, but who has plenty of friends in Republican politics.

Donald Trump is spitting in the face of the people he needs most. We’ve seen him do this before, of course. When it looked like Michael Cohen might flip on him, Trump loudly and spitefully steered Cohen toward doing it. Sure enough, Cohen ended up cooperating with New York prosecutors, and it’s one of the big reasons a grand jury is now targeting Trump on state level charges. Trump has a bad habit of chasing away the people he needs most.

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