Donald Trump’s former envoy comes out swinging against him

With his presidency barely hanging on by a thread, Donald Trump decided to flip over the chess board late last night by announcing that the U.S. military was immediately withdrawing from northern Syria and handing the region to Turkey, so it could slaughter the Kurdish U.S. allies. This plan is so deranged and dangerous to the United States, it’s causing people to come out of the woodwork to condemn Trump – including one of his own former people.

Brett McGurk served as Donald Trump’s Special Presidential Envoy against ISIS until last year. Then he resigned after Trump falsely declared that ISIS had been defeated and began pulling U.S. troops out of Syria. Now that Trump is handing an even bigger victory to ISIS today, McGurk is coming out swinging against Trump.

McGurk posted a lengthy Twitter thread today, explaining that it was actually Donald Trump, and not President Obama, who made the decision to arm the Kurds so they could fight ISIS. Trump is now leaving those same Kurds to be murdered by Turkey. It was also Trump who “dramatically expanded” the U.S. military’s role in Syria, which he’s now bringing to a sudden end. He summed it up this way: “The consequences of such unreliability from the Oval will reverberate well beyond Syria. The value of an American handshake is depreciating. Trump today said we could “crush ISIS again” if it regenerated. With who? What allies would sign up? Who would fight on his assurances?”

Donald Trump probably try to argue that Brett McGurk wasn’t one of his own people to begin with, because he was a holdover from the Obama era. But when Trump took office he made the decision to keep McGurk in his key envoy position instead of picking someone new. In addition, McGurk was first appointed to a national security position by President George W. Bush, a Republican.

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