Donald Trump goes berserk about the New York grand jury that’s in the process of criminally indicting him

When a federal judge ruled this morning that accounting firm Mazars must turn over Donald Trump’s tax returns to the New York grand jury that had subpoenaed them, it did more than deal a blow to Trump. It also served as a reminder that there’s a grand jury out there looking to indict Trump on state charges. Suffice it to say that Trump isn’t taking any of this well.

Donald Trump posted this surreal tweet, which suggests that he understands just how much trouble he’s facing: “The Radical Left Democrats have failed on all fronts, so now they are pushing local New York City and State Democrat prosecutors to go get President Trump. A thing like this has never happened to any President before. Not even close!”

Trump’s use of the word “prosecutors” seems to give away that he understands the New York grand jury isn’t just going after his tax returns for kicks; it’s in the process of criminally indicting him. Even if Trump wins on appeal and the grand jury doesn’t get his tax returns, or doesn’t find anything indictable in what ends up being turned over by the accounting firm, there are still numerous other things that Trump will be indicted for: hush money payments, and so on.

The real kicker is that the federal judge laid out the legal framework for Donald Trump being indicted while he’s still in office, by poking major holes in the Trump Department of Justice premise that a sitting president can’t be indicted. No wonder Trump is going berserk about this; he understands that he’s now facing arrest the minute he’s no longer president, and that he could be put on criminal trial in New York even before then.

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