Donald Trump and Michael Cohen frantically spiral out of control as Feds move in

If the Feds are aggressively moving in on you, the first rule is to listen to your attorney. But what if you and your attorney are being targeted for having allegedly conspired to commit serious crimes together, and your attorney needs an attorney? That brings us to the delicate precipice upon which Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are now standing. Instead of being aware of their vulnerability and being smart about it, they’re both frantically spiraling out of control and making it even worse for themselves.

Michael Cohen’s big problem is, well, everything. This week the FBI raided his office and residence and seized his communications with Donald Trump. The U.S. Attorney’s office has since confirmed that Cohen is the target of a criminal investigation. Now it turns out Robert Mueller has evidence that Cohen really was in Prague in 2016, as was long ago asserted in the Trump-Russia dossier. Did Mueller get this evidence from the raid? Is there even more going on here?

Donald Trump’s big problem is that Mueller and the FBI are going to be able to use Cohen to get to Trump. Whether or not Cohen cuts a plea deal and cooperates, the Feds already have his records and communications with Trump. Actually, come to think of it, we don’t know precisely what all the Feds have, and that’s an even bigger problem for Trump and Cohen, because they don’t yet know what they’re supposed to be fighting back against. So what did Trump do today? He made it even worse.

Donald Trump called Michael Cohen on the phone today, according to CNN, which is just about the dumbest thing he could have done. If Cohen does end up flipping, he’ll have to testify about whatever obstructive hijinks Trump might have suggested during their call. For that matter, did Trump consider that the Feds might have Cohen’s phone tapped? This is about to get worse for them both, partly by their own hand.

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