After what we saw today, can we just assume it’s all true?

Remember that wacky dossier that surfaced in January of last year which claimed that Russia was blackmailing Donald Trump over an incident with Russian hookers and urine? Remember the oddly specific part in which Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen supposedly traveled to Prague to meet with the Russians and smooth it over? It seemed like a poorly written spy novel at the time. Today we learned Cohen did travel to Prague during that time. We even learned how he kept it off his infamous passport.

One by one, we’re now seeing confirmed storylines surfacing in 2018 that are more or less exactly what we thought the story was back in 2017. Paul Manafort acting as a Kremlin agent for the Trump campaign after he took tens of millions of dollars in Russian money. Erik Prince meeting with the Russians on Trump’s behalf in the Seychelles. Jared Kushner using the White House to solicit foreign personal loans. And now Michael Cohen sneaking into the Czech Republic via its open border with Germany so his passport wouldn’t get stamped on his way to Prague.

This is all turning out to be way too accurate. It’s almost haunting. It’s like watching a movie trailer, figuring out in your head what you think the movie is all about, and then finding out you had every scene and detail correct. The Trump-Russia scandal is precisely what we thought it was. Now that we’re seeing so much confirmation and in such detail, it’s tempting to just assume that everything is going turn out to be true.

Of course there are still major aspects of the Trump-Russia plot that we don’t know about, because they never did surface. And in a legal sense, everyone involved is innocent until there’s evidence to prove them guilty. But if you’ve spent the past year trying to wrap your head around the Trump-Russia scandal based on the limited information and confirmation that’s been available, you’re now seeing one sign after another that you had it right all along. Support Palmer Report.

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