Fox stooge Laura Ingraham goes completely off the rails

It is tough to articulate just how awful a woman Laura Ingraham is. I have struggled to put words on paper to capture the dark wickedness of the woman’s vile soul. There aren’t too many people as awful as Ingraham.

After we heard eloquent, courageous, and heart-wrenching testimony from the Capitol police, what did Miss Ingraham do on her show that evening? She gave out “best performance” awards. She openly laughed at and mocked the officers.

I want to do two things with this article. I want to offer my speculations about WHY Ingraham–and others–are the way they are. Then I want to provide ways to help the Capitol police.

When people are born, they receive gifts. I do not speak of gifts in the physical sense. I speak of personality traits. Some people are more outgoing. Others are more creative. Some are extroverts, and some are introverts–you get the picture.

One gift MOST of us are given is the gift of empathy. Empathy empowers us to reach out to others who may be in pain. Empathy allows us to view someone’s suffering with compassion and the desire to help them. I do not believe Ingraham was given that gift.

Some would argue it is all about the money. In a way, that may be true. But remember that expression “to believe it, you have to imagine it.”

Ingraham cannot imagine other peoples’ pain. Her soul appears empty. Therefore she cannot believe it. She’s a cold and brittle woman, filled with hate. Just ask her brother.

Unlike his sister, Curtis Ingraham DOES have empathy, and he is not shy about calling his sister out. He has called her a monster.

And he is a big fan of the Capitol Police. If you would like to follow this lovely man, he is on Twitter. You can find him at @CurtisIngraham1.

As for the Police, want to help? You can donate. If you don’t have the funds, you can express your support. Email them or find them on Twitter. Let these brave and beautiful officers know we love them, stand with them, and there are many more of us than the Ingraham types. I am sure they would appreciate it.

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