Somebody’s going to jail over this

Doing good, honest work is hard and it’s particularly hard when swimming against a current of corruption. This toxic sludge is the endemic corruption of the Republican party. It was always headed that way. During the Reagan era, they knew the future was not theirs because of the browning of America. They knew they were never going to have the numbers to win elections honestly. So, they gerrymandered, turned a blind eye to corruption, and locked stepped with rightwing media and televangelists to indoctrinate the crowd. Now after the Trump era, we have full on mob activity to fight.

But here’s a choice bit of news: the National Archives received forged Certificates of Ascertainment declaring Trump and then-Vice President Mike Pence the winners of both Michigan and Arizona. We predict someone’s going to jail over this, but, of course, this will take time. The difference is that Republicans in Congress won’t go after their own, not even those okay with pedophilia like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, but they will go after made up conspiracies if they can win points for their side. The Democrats have to work with the DOJ and prove their case which is far more difficult and time- consuming. And the higher the criminal behavior goes, the more those I’s need to be dotted and T’s crossed.


Yes, these are times to try our patience. It’s a long, difficult swim up a river spewing toxic flames. But not only will history record and congratulate us for it, we will see the satisfactory exposure and prosecution of these criminals in our lifetimes. Lots of people will rot in jail. And we predict it will be a crowd of so-called “Republicans.”

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