Legal expert: New York Attorney General’s case against Trump Organization could be filed in “weeks or even days”

With this week’s big news that the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney appears set on criminally indicting Donald Trump, and the ongoing reported grand jury activity in the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal case against Trump, it’s easy to forget that the New York Attorney General also has a major civil case going against the Trump Organization. But it now appears that civil case could end up being filed before any DA can criminally indict him.

The Trump family is now filing for an emergency injunction to try to convince the courts to block New York Attorney General Letitia James from being allowed to file her civil case against the Trump Organization. This legally baseless move won’t succeed or even slow things down, because the courts will simply refuse to grant any injunction, meaning James can remain on whatever timeline she’s on. The bigger news here is that the Trumps are trying this last minute desperation move at all.

Former New York Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell, who is certainly an expert on how these kinds of cases work, tweeted this: “The Trumps’ desperate attempt to get an injunction against NY AG Letitia James shows that she is likely ready to file her civil case against them in court in Manhattan in a matter of weeks or even days.”


We’re inclined to agree. James recently subpoenaed Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr, another sign that the probe is nearly complete. Prosecutors don’t typically seek to interview the principals in a probe like this until they’ve already completed every other aspect of the case. Stay tuned.

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