Mike Pence has been backed into a no-win corner

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Some battles are existential in nature. These are battles that many engage in. Perhaps you have — or someone you know of. This is the battle between doing right and doing wrong. This is the battle of the conscience. And for Mike Pence, this battle has come.

The conscience is here to guide us. It is translucent in its purity — it is the voice inside us that gently rebukes when it sees us doing something that might, in fact, be morally wrong. What will Mike Pence do? Will he meet with the January 6th committee? Many pundits are saying that he’s leaning toward no. But we do not know anything for sure.

Pence has come face to face with his conscience. And he needs to make a decision. Does he have the moral fortitude to listen to his conscience? I doubt it. This is one time I fervently hope that I am wrong.

Pence has ambitions, and as he gazes at his future, he must be thinking of them.
Of Maga. Of the people who wanted to see him hung. And now Pence is in the position of NEEDING them — or so he thinks.

In reality, if Pence were to do the right thing, he could heal some wounds. He could stand proud. He could look at himself in the mirror every night. America would be proud of him. But I doubt he has the spine to do it. No snark here — I hope he does. But there is a very good chance he will turn away from his conscience — away from doing good.

I hope Mike Pence can find his spine. I hope he can choose morality over power. Abraham Lincoln’s quote has never mattered so much in regards to Pence as it does now: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” What will the results of this test of character yield? We will soon know.

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