So the MAGA loons want to move to Denmark now, eh? They’re going to be surprised when they get there.

Right wingers are talking about moving to Denmark because all pandemic restrictions there are being lifted. In fact so many of them are talking about it, “Denmark” is now trending on Twitter. What these dummies don’t get is that Denmark is able to do this because its high vaccination rate has put COVID out of its misery.

This series of graphs tweeted by Dr. Eric Topol does a thorough job of explaining how Denmark managed to defeat the COVID Delta variant, even as the United States struggles with it:


The bottom line is that it’s all about vaccination rate. It’s why a right wing free for all like Sturgis turned out to be a super spreader event, but a vaccinated/tested event like Lollapalooza didn’t. The good news is that the daily vaccination numbers in the United States have been continuing to climb in recent weeks by a significant amount, according to numbers posted by the government. If the vaccination rate keeps climbing, the U.S. might find its way out of this mess after all.

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