Right back at you, Kevin McCarthy

Once upon a time, there existed a political party called the “Grand Old Party.” This political party had many successes as well as many failures. But my point is — nobody could argue the fact that they were indeed a political party.

Fast forward to today. This party no longer exists. Now a new party has emerged. It is the party of scorn, mockery, conspiracy theories, and American hate. The party’s values are non-existent. Their platform consists of cruelty and bizarre speculation that everybody is out to get them. Some of their core values include:

• Mocking Police who were victimized on January 6th.

• Denying an insurrection ever happened as they try earnestly to 1984 the American people.

• Seemingly turning a blind eye as their constituents hurt and kill themselves by consuming Horse dewormer, not abiding by COVID safety protocols, and attending maskless events of the former guy.

Now one of their members is trying to deflect from the terrible choices he and most of his cronies have made. That person is Mr. Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy is not really a politician. If he were, he’d be seeking to make the lives of his constituents better. But that is not what he is doing at all. Right now, what he is doing is exploiting the situation in Afghanistan to take political potshots at President Biden.

McCarthy has demanded the House come back into session. He wants to pass a Bill keeping us in Afghanistan indefinitely until either everyone is out or he gets permission from the former guy to leave. He has also demanded Biden resign.

Kevin McCarthy will get nowhere with his attempts to politicize a tragedy. He is a weak and venomous little man who has already become a sort of punchline for prostrating himself before the person of the former guy.


He apparently sees nothing wrong with the brutality the Capitol police experienced since he went out of his way to oppose the January 6th commission and alluded the requests for a meeting from the heroic officers for a long time. Kevin McCarthy is a weakling, and the world knows it. Kevin McCarthy himself should resign.

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