SNL just hit the nail on the head

Halfway through tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the cast did a sketch in which they all stated that the country would be better off with Joe Biden as President – but that they were worried about what they’d have to talk about if Donald Trump is gone.

It was quite an honest sketch, particularly coming from a group of people whose livelihood depends on being able to make fun of politics. And it touched on the larger issue of Trump having been an absolute disaster, but also having given us a reality show presidency to watch. But then the sketch hit on the most important aspect of all this.

One SNL cast member pointed out that if Donald Trump loses the election, with all the crimes he’s committed, he’s bound to go on criminal trial – meaning we’re not about to run out of morbid entertainment.

Palmer Report has been pointing out for awhile that if Donald Trump loses the election, he’s earmarked for prison. The dots aren’t hard to connect; New York already has a well documented grand jury in the process of indicting Trump on state charges that he can’t pardon. Yet the media is still largely ignoring this important fact, presumably waiting to bring it up as “breaking news” after Trump loses.

Mainstream comedy is usually one step ahead of the mainstream media. So it’s perhaps fitting that ten days out, Saturday Night Live is now openly talking about Donald Trump’s inevitable criminal trial if he loses. The media will get there eventually, if he loses. As always, our job is to vote like our lives depend on it, and make sure he indeed loses.

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