It’s all coming together now

This past week Kamala Harris campaigned in the normally red state of Georgia. This upcoming week Joe Biden will be campaigning in Georgia. With just days remaining in the election cycle, this is a clear sign that the Biden campaign’s internal polling confirms what the public polls are saying: Georgia really is in play.

Notably, Georgia isn’t just up for grabs in the presidential election. There are also two U.S. Senate races going on in Georgia right now – a rarity – and both seats are definitely winnable for the Democrats. So it appears that the Biden campaign is doing what it can to ensure a Senate majority.


In other words, things seem to be going precisely how we want them to go for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Meanwhile Donald Trump is spending every stump speech ranting about what he’ll do if he loses. This is our opportunity to double down on voter turnout, phone banking, and volunteering, and take the White House and the Senate. We’re in position to win, but it’ll only happen if we put in the work required to see this through.

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