This is weird

Mike Pence has been directly exposed to coronavirus by multiple members of his staff, yet he says he’s remaining on the campaign trial. Melania Trump has spent the week disappearing and then reappearing, being sick and then not being sick, looking like herself and then looking like someone else. Bill Barr keeps quietly popping up in different states, even as Donald Trump keeps publicly threatening to fire him.

Why does everything always have to be so weird with these Trump people? It’s not even a savvy kind of weird. Does anyone think that Mike Pence is going to drum up additional votes by campaigning when everyone knows he probably has coronavirus? Why not just keep Melania out of sight entirely? And is any of this Barr nonsense supposed to be helping the cause?

In addition to being the most corrupt regime in history, these Trump people are also the weirdest regime in history. So it’s perhaps fitting that as they circle the drain, they’re now acting even more incoherently weird than ever. Let’s vote them out and put an end to this creepy nonsense.

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