Smoking gun emerges in Joel Greenberg – Matt Gaetz scandal

This week we all learned that Joel Greenberg secretly flipped on Matt Gaetz and others months ago. Now it’s becoming more clear why Greenberg rolled over instead of trying to survive at trial: the Feds have got him dead to rights on some of the ugliest allegations against him.

Days ago the Daily Beast obtained Venmo records which showed that Gaetz and Greenberg paid various women digital cash in exchange for sex. However, none of those specific records appeared to involve anyone who was underage. But now the Daily Beast has obtained additional Venmo records which confirm that Greenberg paid $300 to a girl who was seventeen years old at the time.


This is a smoking gun which proves that Joel Greenberg did in fact pay an underage girl for sex. No wonder he flipped. Daily Beast also has records which show that sometime after this same girl turned 18, Matt Gaetz sent Venmo money to Greenberg and specifically requested her. This is getting dicier by the minute. More such Venmo records are surely going to end up surfacing before long.

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