Kayleigh McEnany goes completely off the rails

I often wonder what it is with certain Republicans. I wonder most about the Republicans for whom lying appears second nature. Kayleigh McEnany is such a person. McEnany is the type of person who seems to come right out of a bad comedy. Lying for her comes as naturally as competence comes to Joe Biden. And now kewpie doll Kayleigh has stepped in it again.

Kayleigh is blaming CNN’S Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon for the Minnesota protests. She also accused Cuomo and Lemon of being for violence in the streets.

“I’ve also heard (CNN host) Don Lemon say that riots are a mechanism for change,” Kayleigh went on profoundly. “That’s irresponsible rhetoric that just fuels this, not just ignores it but fuels it.”

Reading these comments, made with incredible ignorance, I feel someone needs to school this person. Protests have been around forever. They are a way for people upset at social injustice and other issues to express themselves. They are a good thing. And yes, sometimes protests get violent.

Sometimes, it is through looting as bad actors get involved in the protests. Sometimes it is by the people in positions of authority. An example of this is the Kent State shootings, also known as the Kent State massacre. This occurred in Kent, Ohio, on May 4th, 1970. The demonstrators were protesting the expansion of the Vietnam war. The Ohio National Guard killed four and wounded nine. Neil Young wrote a song about these events called “Ohio.”


Democrats do not espouse violence. I would argue many Republicans do. Indeed, one wonders if McEnany does since she has not said one word about the January 6th insurrection. And this also shows precisely why McEnany got a job at Fox. Who else in the world would have her?

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