Sidney Powell just decided to take everyone down with her

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Former Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell is not to be taken at her word. Not only does she constantly lie, she spins conspiracy theories so absurd that she comes off as mentally unhinged.

So when Powell appeared on something called “Steve Peters TV” this weekend and claimed that Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito were all in on the plot to overthrow the 2020 election, none of it’s to be believed without external confirmation.

Moreover, her story is laughable on its face. She’s claiming that Alito was somehow magically going to overturn the election results on January 7th – even though doing so would have required five Supreme Court votes. Obviously, in such a scenario, Alito wouldn’t have gotten a single vote beyond his own. For that matter, while Alito is a corrupt piece of crap, he’s not stupid enough to have been willing to try such an idiotic and guaranteed-to-fail plot.

All that said, it’s still noteworthy that Sidney Powell is making this accusation at all. While the accusation against Alito is obviously unhinged fiction aimed at taking the heat off herself, it’s clear that Powell has concluded she’s going down, and she’s looking to take as many people on her own side down with her as possible.

Moreover, since McCarthy and Scalise are caught up in the January 6th conspiracy on at least some level, and it appears that Powell was at least in communication with them about it, she may have documents that could actually incriminate them.

It’s probably best if we ignore the Alito allegations as the obvious fiction that they are. Rather than getting distracted by that silliness, the real story here is that Sidney Powell has decided to try to take down some big-name folks who were involved in the 2020 election conspiracy. At the least, the January 6th Committee should seize the opportunity to subpoena Powell for all documents she has in relation to the 2020 election fraud conspiracy.

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