Greg Abbott crashes and burns on live national television

I have news on the wretched Governor of Texas. But before I get into that, a quick word. Some of you have expressed that you hate hearing about folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, and Governor Abbott. I can understand that. They make me want to gag as well. But it is imperative that we write about them.

If we didn’t, many would not know of the danger some of these folks are. An excellent example is Larry Elder. I wrote so many articles about him, they started to blur in front of me. But if people did not know about him and were unaware of what a danger he was to California, there is a good chance Governor Newsom might have been recalled.

I feel it is essential to call these people out. We must do this, especially as we get closer to election day in 2022. They’re violent, they’re disgusting, and they’re extremely dangerous.

Getting back to “I’m gonna catch every rapist” Abbott, the man was eviscerated on Fox this weekend by Chris Wallace, who I have been critical of but who I must say did an excellent job of completely destroying Abbott.

This was, of course, all about the non-Governor’s vow to catch every rapist in the state of Texas. Wallace asked him about that. Abbott first tried not answering the question. Instead, he argued earnestly about how heroic he is for going hard against Texas rapists.

Wallace cut him off. Good — damn good! Wallace then asked about a measure that could be added to the abortion law in Texas, making exceptions for rape and incest.

“If that came to your desk, will you sign it or not?”

To quote Phil Collins, “there’s no reply at all.”


Instead, Abbott began talking about protecting children. At this point, Wallace again interjected. “Including the child of rape?” Wallace asked. Wallace asked again what Abbott would do if such a bill were to make it to his desk. Again Abbott did not answer. Pass this around, please, to EVERY Texas female you know. And go, future Governor Beto!

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