This is coming down to the wire

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The United States has so many beautiful areas. And it is great fun to explore them. There is Maine with its lighthouses and breathtakingly beautiful rocky coasts. There is Arizona with all its many parks and, of course, the Grand Canyon. And New York. Sigh. With New York City! Broadway!

Let’s not forget “Pure Michigan” or the magnificence of Colorado or the great state of Massachusetts. And then there is Virginia. I would like to tell you a story. I was in Virginia once with a group of friends. I was designated as the official coffee person. So, I walked into a restaurant and ordered some coffees to go. Balancing them awkwardly, I turned toward the door.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a group of smiling people grouped around the door — holding it open just for me. Classy. Do you know who is also classy? Terry McAuliffe.

The race in Virginia for Governor is getting closer. And we need to send a giant message to the GOP. I want Terry to win by a HUGE margin.

If each person reading this right now would do their best to pin a message on their social, it would really hope. Twitter users could even make it their pinned tweet.

And one does not have to live in Virginia to do this. That would be activism in its purest form. Although Terry is ahead, he is not ahead ENOUGH for me. And polls could always be wrong.

I think we can win this, and we will win this, but it needs EVERYBODY’s attention. We need help from Mainers. We need help from Arizonians and Michiganders. So, let’s get going on this and see if we can make it a double-digit win!

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