Stephen Miller removed by security guards

Donald Trump’s White House senior adviser Stephen Miller appeared on CNN on Sunday with host Jake Tapper, in the hope of defending Trump against recent accusations that he’s stupid and mentally ill. That prospect alone should have made for a surreal scene, and it did, as Miller went so absurdly off the rails that Tapper ended the interview early. Now it turns out that after he was booted from the air, Miller ultimately had to be removed by CNN security guards.

Miller refused to leave the CNN set, and after he’d been asked several times without complying, security guards had to escort him out (source). This suggests that Miller wasn’t merely playing for the cameras when he went off the deep end during the interview, but that he truly did lose control of himself. We have a theory about why Miller may have ultimately melted down, and it has to do with a question he failed to answer, which gave away something really unfortunate (and perhaps criminal) about Trump.

Jake Tapper asked Stephen Miller whether or not Donald Trump was in Trump Tower while Donald Trump Jr was illegally meeting with Russian government representatives to try to gain dirt on Hillary Clinton. Miller refused to answer, even when pressed. All he had to do was say “No” or “Yes but he had nothing to do with the meeting” or “I don’t know.” His refusal to give any of those answers gave away a lot. It means he knows Trump was in the building, and that Trump was doing something with regard to that Russian meeting that can’t be made public.

This drives a Mack truck through Donald Trump’s claim that he had nothing to do with any of his campaign’s or his family’s efforts to conspire with the Russians. Perhaps Stephen Miller realized during his interview that he had just implicated his boss, and that’s why he had a meltdown requiring security guards.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report