Donald Trump has bizarre late night “consensual” tantrum

Perhaps it was because the Golden Globes awards were getting more attention than he was. Perhaps he was already passed out, and one of his staffers decided to impersonate him, as they’ve been doing with increasing frequency of late. Or maybe we’re just stuck with Trump throwing late night Twitter tantrums, as he’s done for the past several nights, until his illegitimate and failing presidency comes to an end. In any case, Trump’s tantrum tonight was notable for it indignant nature and his bizarre misuse of the word “consensual.”

Trump posted this tweet: “His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that…there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s…..” Fifteen minutes later he still hadn’t posted the rest of it, leaving people to wonder whom he might be quoting, as well as what a “consensual presidency” is supposed to be.

Eventually Trump posted the remainder of the quote, revealing he was quoting a new column from the New York Post, a pro-Trump propaganda tabloid run by a friend of Trump. Posting such a silly and sycophantic quote in the middle of the night qualifies as a tantrum in our view, but it was his misuse of “consensual” that got the most attention. A quick check of the Post article in question reveals, unsurprisingly, that the columnist actually wrote “consequential presidency.” Trump couldn’t have chosen a more unfortunate incorrect word, as the replies quickly revealed.

Respondents on Twitter pointed out that Donald Trump is a self-admitted serial sexual assaulter, and he’s been accused of rape. Thus he may be the last person on earth who would know what the word “consensual” means. Was his failed word choice merely random, or was it Freudian? It took him or his handlers nearly an hour to finally delete both parts of the tweet and replace them.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report