Donald Trump now spends most of the day in bed

This week we’ve learned two different pieces of information from two different sources which, when put together, paint a truly disturbing picture about what’s left of Donald Trump’s physical and mental competence. First we learned about what time he tends to start the day when he’s in the White House. Then we separately learned what time he ends each day in the White House. Do the math, and we’re looking at something utterly surreal.

First came Michael Wolff’s new book, which quoted Trump’s own staff members collectively revealing a number of humiliating details about him. One of the strangest: Trump now tends to end the day startlingly early, typically in bed by 6:30pm. The book didn’t say that Trump actually goes to sleep at that time, but rather that he’s simply in bed by that time. Okay, so we know by his early morning Twitter rants that he’s an early riser, right? Perhaps he merely gets out of bed so early that he also calls it a day early. Nope.

Now comes a report from Axios, which has seen Trump’s private daily schedule for when he’s in the White House. He doesn’t typically come downstairs to the Oval Office until 11:00am. Prior to that he’s still in the residence, watching cable news and plugging away at his phone (link). Previous reports have said that Trump typically does his cable news watching and tweeting from bed.

Put this all together, and it appears Donald Trump now gets out of bed around 11:00am each day, and he’s back in bed before 6:30pm each day. That means he’s spending just seven hours, or perhaps eight at the most, out of bed each day. Based on his schedule, even those seven hours appear to be largely spent on nothing of any substance. Not only does this mean that Trump is no longer bothering to do the job, it also means he’s basically given up on life. If you’re only up and functioning for seven or eight hours a day, you’re living as an invalid.

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