There’s something really suspicious going on right now with Donald Trump and Sean Hannity

Donald Trump woke up this morning and promptly spent forty minutes ranting about his political adversaries before he seemingly ran out of gas. At that point he simply retweeted some nonsense that had been tweeted by Fox News grand buffoon Sean Hannity. Then he retweeted another Hannity tweet. Then another.

Okay, so maybe Donald Trump just had Sean Hannity on the brain. After all, Hannity spews more pro-Trump propaganda than anyone on television. But then I remembered something I’d seen about Trump and Hannity two days ago which stood out as weird, and suddenly it took on a whole new context.

On Thursday evening, New York Times writer Maggie Haberman posted this tweet: “Spotted at the White House – Sean Hannity.” It’s not the first time Hannity has been spotted at Trump’s White House. But this was the night before Matt Whitaker’s big public testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. And as we all saw, Whitaker tried to use his testimony to promote the kind of deranged pro-Trump conspiracy theories that are most often heard on Hannity’s show.

So was Sean Hannity there specifically to tutor Matt Whitaker on which lines of BS to spew in front of the television cameras on Friday? In any case, Hannity’s presence at the White House on Thursday must have been such a big help to Donald Trump, he woke up this morning and decided to return the favor by sending a whole lot of traffic to Hannity’s Twitter account and articles.