Mike Pence goes off the deep end

Sentient WWJD bracelet and possible SDNY investigation target Mike Pence obfuscated when asked about the prospect of another disastrous government shutdown if Donald Trump continues to desperately grasp for ways to pay for his vanity wall no one wants. Pence said he “can’t make that guarantee” ahead of the upcoming closure of the three-week post-shutdown negotiation window.

That bit of “wisdom,” via a lengthy interview with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor, revealed that Pence has no clue what Trump’s plans are (much like Trump himself). And a recent report from CNN all but puts to rest any nonsensical plan to stage Act II of the 35-day shutdown tragedy that left 800,000 federal workers without paychecks and, among many other real consequences, affected the safety and efficiency of air travel.

The report claims that it only took ten air traffic controllers to cause a ground stop at La Guardia and “delays at other major hubs” when six ATCs from northern Virginia and four from Florida decided to call in rather than work another day without pay. Let that sink in. Ten air traffic controllers had the power to end Trump’s surreal and desperate attempt to force Dems to cave on the wall.

If there is another attempt to shut down the government, it isn’t hard to figure out how to end it. If ten air traffic controllers have that much influence, they and many of their friends will have the same influence prior to any further shutdown shenanigans. And they know it.

Mike Pence, at this point, is on autopilot as the administration continues to implode. If he’s hoping to ride the snake and take over after Trump is ousted, he’s delusional. Chris Christie recently indicated that, when he led Trump’s transition team, he wasn’t willing to break the law to facilitate the apparent widespread inauguration grift that is now being investigated. Christie is a windbag, but he knows the law and he isn’t stupid.

It’s impossible to say the same of Pence, who took over the transition team from Christie days after the election. He’s clueless on the prospect of another shutdown, he’s clueless about his future prospects, and he may have stumbled into some serious crimes playing Paul Manafort’s stooge. Another cruel and useless shutdown and Mike Pence’s future are both looking like loser’s bets.