Robert Mueller just screwed Donald Trump on purpose

Palmer Report has pointed out on occasion that the legal system works on its own peculiar internal clock, and that even someone as savvy and powerful as Special Counsel Robert Mueller can’t make the process move any faster than it’s capable of moving. However, once a given indictment is ready to roll, Mueller does essentially get to decide when it becomes official, and when it becomes public knowledge. In that sense, Mueller just made a point of screwing Donald Trump on purpose.

No one was surprised to learn today that Robert Mueller had obtained indictments against twelve Russian government hackers who hacked the U.S. Presidential election in 2016. There are some noteworthy details in these indictments, such as the fact that the Russian hackers gave stolen material to a candidate for U.S. Congress (whose identity is remaining sealed for now), and someone who was in touch with the Trump campaign (probably Roger Stone, given what’s already been established). But what stands out here is Mueller’s timing.

Donald Trump is on his way to meet privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin as we speak. If Mueller didn’t want to interfere with that meeting, he could have waited to publicly announce these indictments until after Trump got home. Instead, Mueller is making a point of rolling this out just days before the meeting. This ensures that the media coverage of the summit will be within the context of how Putin hacked the election and shared the hacked material with one or more people in Trump’s orbit. That’ll ensure that the public views the summit in this context as well. Perhaps most importantly, this ensures that Donald Trump will be panicking during his summit with Putin. In fact he’s been panicking about it all week, because Rod Rosenstein announced this morning that he already informed Trump about it privately days ago.

It’s now clear that Robert Mueller is trying to screw Donald Trump on purpose by rolling out these Trump-Russia indictments at the worst possible time for Trump. Mueller has ensured that the Trump-Putin summit will be viewed by the public as an attempt at dealing with the fallout from the Trump-Russia election rigging conspiracy. Mueller has also set Trump up to make panic-driven mistakes over the next week. The timing of these indictments isn’t some grand coincidence – if it were, Mueller could have simply waited. Mueller is turning the screws.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report