Robert Mueller just dropped an anvil on Roger Stone’s head

Cartoons like to drop an anvil on a character’s head when they want to make something painfully, and, well, cartoonishly obvious. When it comes to today’s indictments against twelve Russian government spies who hacked the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller just dropped a proverbial anvil on the head of Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone. And then in case it wasn’t obvious enough, he dropped two more anvils on Stone’s head as the day went on.

Today’s indictments allege that the Russian hackers stole a significant amount of material from the Democratic Party during the election and gave it to someone who was in touch with the Trump campaign. We’ll give you one guess, because based on other grand jury proceedings that have been playing out for the past several weeks, this person is obviously Roger Stone. If you don’t want to take our word for it yet, that’s okay, because Mueller was just getting started with Stone.

In case things weren’t clear enough, someone involved with the investigation then confirmed to the Washington Post that it is in fact Roger Stone. Keep in mind that Mueller and his team don’t put these kinds of details out there unless they want them publicly known for strategic reasons. But again, Mueller was just getting warmed up.

For several weeks, Palmer Report has been gathering scattered reports of Robert Mueller hauling Roger Stone’s various associates before a grand jury, in what is clearly part of a plan to indict and arrest Stone. In case it wasn’t already obvious enough, ABC News published an article today – based on “sources” – reminding everyone about Mueller’s grand jury pursuit of Stone. Robert Mueller is making a concerted effort today to make Roger Stone sweat. There’s a reason Mueller wants Stone panicking ahead of his indictment – but you’d have to ask Mueller what it is.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report