Yesterday’s Peter Strzok circus distracted us from something really important

FBI Agent Peter Strzok requested an opportunity to publicly explain himself, although he had already testified privately. Strzok had an extramarital affair with a former FBI attorney, Lisa Page. In their texts, Strzok freely voiced his opinion of then-candidate Trump, prompting Mueller to remove him from the Russia investigation. The Republican Party took advantage of Strzok’s request and cleverly scheduled the hearing to take place on the same day Trump would be visiting London, in the hope of distracting Americans.

Some 90,000 people took to the streets to protest Donald Trump in London. They weren’t so focused on the personality cult Trump aims to maintain with his base at home, but rather the messages on their protest signs were largely focused on the traits he represents, such as racism and dishonesty. Apparently, Trump thought he would get a positive welcoming upon his arrival, despite all evidence to the contrary. He made the comment that the people of London want what he wants. One can suppose that Trump didn’t expect to see regular people with signs calling out his racist tendencies. Perhaps he expected to see more neo-Nazis and swastikas and therefore was feeling bereft.

To keep America’s attention far away from London, Trump’s Houses allies gave Strzok the opportunity to defend himself, and then proceeded to railroad him in a bit of political theatre that did indeed rivet most of us with its tawdry sideshow of blistering tirades. It lasted for ten hours. The partisan nature of Thursday’s hearing became immediately apparent each time the next member of The House took their turn to speak. Much like a game of checkers, one color moved, then the next color moved, each trying to jump over the other.

The Republican members of The House outright berated Strzok, many times not letting him speak, or asking leading questions. The highlight of the day was when Democratic Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman shouted out “you need your medication” after Republican Representative Louie Gohmert went completely out of line in attacking Strzok for his affair, in a slithery way that was reminiscent of Lord Voldemort. Everyone stared at Gohmert, tongues in cheek, because he was doing the bidding of Donald Trump, who has cheated on all three of his wives. Stay tuned, Lisa Page will be our next distraction when Trump meets with Putin on Monday.