Donald Trump’s pandemic stooge Scott Atlas just resigned, and we all just got a little safer

For months it’s been widely reported that Donald Trump has been ignoring the solid pandemic-related advice of people like Dr. Fauci and even Dr. Birx, in favor listening to a radiologist and conspiracy theorist named Scott Atlas. This has undoubtedly led to the deaths of a number of Americans.

Fortunately, multiple major news outlets are now reporting that Scott Atlas just resigned. No real reason is being given. But when you consider that the transition to President-elect Biden is now underway, and that Biden is surely working with people like Fauci on how to coordinate a national message and distribute the vaccine, Atlas simply has no role to play. When you consider that Trump has given up caring about the pandemic entirely, there is no one for Atlas to give bad advice to.

Make no mistake, we’ll all be a little safer now that Scott Atlas has left the building. It’s also the latest reminder that the influence of Donald Trump and his people is continuing to fade now that he’s lost the election. Team Trump simply doesn’t have the leverage that it did before he lost. This comes even as Trump’s corrupt FCC Chairman has announced his resignation.

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