Money laundering court case involving Trump Organization moves forward

We went a long time without hearing the name of Donald Trump’s former real estate business partner Felix Sater. But now that Trump has lost the election, we’ve been expecting a number of names from Trump’s dirty past to resurface. Sure enough, Sater is now back in the news.

The courts have advanced a case against Felix Sater, which accuses him of laundering stolen money through multiple Trump Organization properties. This is a civil case, and it doesn’t name Donald Trump as a defendant. But the important part is that these kinds of cases tend to churn up evidence that can then be used in criminal cases against people like Sater and Trump. Keep an eye on developments like this one going forward.


– Now that all of Trump’s other imaginary avenues for overturning the election are closed, we’re about to hear a lot about his imaginary avenue of faithless electors. But that also has literally zero chance of succeeding. All of this has been an imaginary storyline. It’s been over for weeks.

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