Donald Trump’s goon squad humiliates itself with imaginary Edison County

Donald Trump’s legal team has made clear that Sidney Powell is no longer officially on it. But when you consider that she represents Michael Flynn and was surely involved in Trump’s sudden pardon of Flynn over the weekend, Powell is still part of Trump’s goon squad.

So it’s fitting that when Powell filed suit in Michigan today, she included claims of irregularities in “Edison County.” No such county exists. It’s not even in another state; she just made it up entirely. And Tea Trump wonders why it keeps losing in court over and over again.

– Tweet of the day, from Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Today, Trump is on track to be the first President in modern US history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he entered. We’ll Build Back Better with Pres. Joe Biden but families and small businesses need relief now or Trump’s jobs numbers will get worse in coming weeks.”

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