Rudy Giuliani pathetically begged FBI agents to investigate Hunter Biden when they raided his home

If you’ve been wondering what Rudy Giuliani did when the FBI showed up at his door with a search warrant and began seizing all of his electronic devices, now you have your answer. Rudy himself has inexplicably revealed just how pathetically, and derangedly, he behaved when the Feds showed up.

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Tucker Carlson’s white supremacist hour on Fox News and spilled the beans on himself. Rudy said that when the Feds entered his apartment and began taking his devices, he begged them to take Hunter Biden’s hard drives as well.

That’s right, Rudy is delusional enough to believe that he somehow has Hunter Biden’s hard drives in his possession, and he’s mentally incompetent enough that he seriously thought the FBI was going to take these drives when offered.


We’d accuse Rudy Giuliani of behaving like this because he’s trying to be declared to mentally unfit to stand trial. But the reality is that Rudy has been behaving like this in public for a couple years now, so we don’t think it’s an act. He really does appear to be just that screwed up in the head. And no, it’s not going to magically keep him from standing trial; that’s not how the law works.

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