They’re all going down now

“They’re going to get away with it all.” It’s a phrase that I hear from skeptical people all day, every day when it comes to the crimes committed by Donald Trump and his various associates. But the factual reality is that the minute Trump was declared the loser of the election, he and his cronies were always going to go down for their crimes. It was just a matter of time, and there wasn’t a different outcome.

Sure enough, now that Attorney General Merrick Garland has had a chance to settle in at the Department of Justice, we’re now seeing the wheels of justice turning against Team Trump. This week the Feds raided the homes of Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing, two of the key figures in Trump’s 2019 Ukraine scandal. The only reason to kick over this rock is if the DOJ plans to push one or both of them to flip on the biggest fish in the scandal: Donald Trump and Bill Barr.

Then last night we got the news that Joel Greenberg confessed in writing that he and Matt Gaetz both paid for sex with an underage girl. If Greenberg’s confession can be corroborated, it’s the smoking gun that’ll put Matt Gaetz in prison for decades. Oh, and Roger Stone is caught right in the middle of the Greenberg confession too.

It’s a reminder that while the wheels of justice may not have turned at all during Trump’s final couple years in control of the government, the wheels of justice are now very much back to their usual pattern of turning slowly but surely. If Trump had won in 2020, or had come close enough for the courts to gift it to him, then he and his henchmen would have absolutely gotten away with it all. But once Trump definitively lost, it was all over for him and his henchmen. They were all going to go down. And now they will.

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