Rudy Giuliani opens his mouth and unwittingly reveals just how screwed he is

When the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s home this week and seized his electronic devices, Palmer Report pointed out that this likely meant the Feds had already obtained Giuliani’s electronic communications from his service providers. The raid itself was more about trying to catch him in the act of destroying evidence, and about making clear to him that he’s so screwed he might as well just cut a plea deal.

Sure enough, it appears that was indeed the case. Giuliani tweeted this tonight: “The DOJ in late 2019 covertly obtained access to my iCloud and never notified me. They invaded the attorney client relationship as we were defending against the phony impeachment. These prosecutors violated the laws, not me. If again, nothing is done, you could be next.”

Rudy is trying to paint himself as the victim of a conspiracy here. But in reality he just gave away that he’s really screwed. First, Rudy just confirmed that the Feds already did have his electronic communications. Despite Rudy’s histrionics, the Feds certainly used a search warrant to get his iCloud data, meaning it was fully legal and standard procedure – and no, they were under no legal obligation to notify him at the time.

Second, Rudy just gave away that as far back as a year and a half ago, the DOJ had enough evidence against him to convince a judge to grant a warrant for his iCloud data. This means the DOJ had Rudy nailed to the wall all the way back then. So when Bill Barr and Donald Trump stepped in to block the DOJ from moving forward with a raid of Rudy’s home, they were indeed committing felony obstruction of justice.

Third, Rudy just blew his own argument that the criminal case against him is some kind of partisan vendetta. After all, he just confirmed that it was the Trump DOJ who initiated the case against him, as we had all long suspected.

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