Rudy Giuliani is in need of immediate medical attention

Just how far gone is Rudy Giuliani? Even Donald Trump, whose longtime sociopathy has now slipped into something closer to the Joker in the Dark Knight movie, doesn’t seem to want to use Giuliani for much these days. But even though Trump isn’t sending Rudy out there to do his deranged bidding anymore, Rudy is still trying to find a way to contribute to Trump’s cause. It’s going rather alarmingly poorly.

For the past week Rudy Giuliani โ€“ who had been somewhat silent on Twitter for awhile โ€“ decided to begin tweeting daily (and often nightly) rants about, well, everything. For instance Rudy has been going on a bender for days about how the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh wasn’t Donald Trump’s fault. The problem, or at least part of it: Rudy doesn’t even know how to spell the city. He referenced “Pittsburg” on consecutive days. He wasn’t this illiterate when he was Mayor of New York City, just one state over. It gets far worse.

Rudy has falsely claimed on three separate occasions that a certain Democratic candidate is under FBI investigation. This is surreal, considering that Giuliani admitted a few months ago that he’s being investigated by the Department of Justice. Rudy also keeps ranting incoherently about the Taliban, and considering the penchant he’s developed for projection, we’re almost left to wonder if perhaps Rudy has joined the Taliban.

But really, this is a serious matter. Rudy Giuliani is still, last we checked, a member of the criminal defense team for the “President” of the United States โ€“ and he’s so far gone, he appears to be in need of immediate professional psychiatric help. If Donald Trump is his getting legal advice from this loon, then he’s not getting any legal advice at all. Come to think of it, Rudy’s recent tweets have consisted of unhinged ranting, crazed lies, signs of illiteracy, projection, and late night meltdowns. Perhaps Giuliani’s Twitter account has been hijacked by Donald Trump.

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