Rudy Giuliani admits he’s under DOJ investigation

Rudy Giuliani is now acknowledging what Palmer Report has suspected since last week, and what the Department of Justice Inspector General all but confirmed yesterday: he’s under investigation by the DOJ. Rudy finally made the admission on CNN today, confirming in the process that he has been formally interviewed about his role in the Trump-Russia election meddling scandal.

Shortly before election day, Rudy Giuliani began bragging during an interview, in suspiciously specific fashion, that he knew the FBI was about to shake up the election in Donald Trump’s favor. When the DOJ Inspector General report was released this past week, it was overwhelmingly comprehensive and spared no one – with the exception of leaving out the FBI’s leaks to Giuliani entirely. Then yesterday the IG was directly asked about the omission, and his answer all but confirmed that it was due to an ongoing investigation. Now Rudy is spilling the details.

Giuliani told CNN earlier today that the DOJ Inspector General interviewed him on February 28th of this year. Enough time has since transpired that, if the criminal investigation were merely into the FBI agents who leaked the information to Giuliani, they’d have been dispensed with by now, and it would have been included in the IG report. Instead, the investigation has to be into Rudy himself, and it has to be part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s larger Trump-Russia investigation.

Seven weeks after Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by the Department of Justice, he announced that he was joining Donald Trump’s legal defense team, and he immediately began trying to sabotage Mueller’s investigation. It was fairly clear from the start that he was trying to get himself off the legal hook in the process. It’s even more clear now. Rudy must be facing such severe criminal charges, and he must be so worried that he’s going to be found guilty, he’s willing to risk the additional crime of trying to obstruct justice.

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