This new revelation may explain why Donald Trump is even more psychotic this week than usual

Based on his words and actions alone, it doesn’t take a medical professional to diagnose that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist with tendencies that range somewhere from sociopathic to psychopathic. His behavior is something rarely seen outside of over-the-top fictional movie scripts. But this week in particular, Trump is acting even more cartoonishly deranged – and arguably more self destructive – than usual. Now we may know why.

We already know that Donald Trump is under the pressure of being less than a week away from the midterm elections, which, if they don’t go his way, could put him on a path to ouster and prison. Trump is also facing the pressure of (accurately) taking the blame for the MAGA bomber and the synagogue shooter. But it’s felt like maybe there’s more to it. Whenever Trump has truly been in his deepest holes, such as after the Access Hollywood tape, he’s tended to briefly pull back, seemingly knowing that he has to, or he’ll be finished.

But this time around, Donald Trump seems to be treating his increasingly precarious situation like he’s the Joker out of the Dark Knight movie. Trump held a rally just hours after the shooting, and used it to make jokes about how his hair had gotten messed up. Trump told reporters today that he thinks George Soros really is funding the caravan in Central America. We’ve all seen several other examples over the past few days. Trump is acting unusually psychotic, even by the usual psychotic Trump standards. So what gives?

Today a former federal prosecutor examined evidence that’s been in the public domain for the past week, and concluded Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have already subpoenaed Donald Trump, and that it’s been working its way up through the appeals court. If this really is happening, there’s a good chance Trump’s attorneys have been keeping it from him, as they’ve often done with things that might upset him.

However, as it’s become more clear over the past week that something does appear to be going on along the lines of a subpoena battle in court, you’d have to imagine that even the ever delusional Donald Trump might have figured out what’s going on, or pushed his lawyers to finally come clean about the whispers he’s been hearing. You have to wonder if this is why Trump is acting like a cartoon villain who seems to think his time is nearly up, and has thrown all pretense of self preservation and sanity to the wind.

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