Today’s House impeachment hearings just dropped a bomb on Rudy Giuliani’s head

Rudy Giuliani seemed to know last night that today’s televised House impeachment hearings weren’t going to go well for him. Rudy spent the night foaming at the mouth in even more incoherent fashion than usual, blaming someone named “Annoymous” for his problems. If he meant to say “Anonymous,” let’s just say that today’s witnesses are blowing Rudy out of the water in anything but anonymous fashion.

It started subtly enough when this morning’s witnesses Colonel Vindman and Jennifer Williams made clear that Rudy Giuliani’s actions toward Ukraine were anything but helpful. However, the real fireworks regarding Rudy began when former U.S. Envoy Kurt Volker testified this afternoon.

Volker used his opening statement to paint Rudy Giuliani as a poisonous influence on Donald Trump. Volker also made clear that there never was any Biden-Ukraine scandal. Further, Volker’s written opening statement reveals that Rudy admitted to him in private that the Ukrainian prosecutor under Rudy’s thumb was a bad seed. This helps demonstrate that Rudy knew he was pushing a fake Biden scandal on the Ukrainians, and that Rudy knew he was conspiring with a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor to try to make it happen.

Each new televised impeachment hearing has included witnesses who were progressively closer to the center of Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal. Accordingly, each new hearing has been more damaging to Trump than the last. Each new hearing has also been more damaging to Rudy Giuliani, who appears to have no way of surviving this.

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