This afternoon’s impeachment hearings are going amazingly well – for Joe Biden

The House impeachment inquiry hearings are not about Joe Biden. It just so happens that Donald Trump’s impeachable offenses largely center around his criminal plot to extort the government of Ukraine into promoting a fake Biden scandal, in the name of altering the outcome of the 2020 election in Trump’s favor.

That said, this afternoon’s impeachment hearing is going amazingly well for Joe Biden. House Republicans inexplicably thought that they were somehow helping Donald Trump by having former U.S. Envoy Kurt Volker publicly testify today. Maybe they were expecting Volker, a lifelong Republican, to protect Trump. Let’s just say that it went the opposite way.

Volker used his televised testimony to spell out that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani were doing horrible things in Ukraine. Volker also made as clear as possible that the fake Biden scandal created by Trump and Giuliani is indeed fake.

This means that any time Joe Biden faces questions going forward, he can point to the fact that Kurt Volker – a Republican diplomatic operative who went to work for the Trump regime – just confirmed under oath that the fake Biden scandal is fake. Further, Volker said that he’s known Biden for decades, and that there’s no way Biden could possibly be corrupt.

It’s not that this helps Joe Biden in the Democratic primary race. Democratic voters already know that the fake Biden scandal is fake. Biden will either end up being the nominee or he won’t. But if he does get the nomination, this will help him greatly in terms of general election media coverage when he’s facing off against Donald Trump.

What were the House Republicans thinking? There was no way that Kurt Volker’s testimony was going to go well for Donald Trump. Everyone seemed to know it ahead of time but them. Then again, that’s what tends to happen when you’re desperate and you’re throwing anything at the wall that you hope might stick.

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