Kurt Volker’s testimony just blew up in Donald Trump’s face

Kurt Volker, the first major witness to testify behind closed doors in the House impeachment inquiry, is now finally testifying in front of the television cameras. So much has transpired since Volker’s initial testimony, and we’ve all learned so much. It turns out Volker has learned a few things as well.

Based on the transcript, Kurt Volker originally testified that at the time he was working with Ukraine, he wasn’t aware of any attempt by Donald Trump to push Ukraine into smearing the Bidens. But based on what’s since surfaced, Volker is revising his testimony today to state that he heard Gordon Sondland bring up the fake Biden plot in the now-infamous meeting which John Bolton ended up shutting down. In other words, Volker doesn’t want to go down for perjury, so he’s now being more forthcoming.

Donald Trump and his House Republican allies have made clear for awhile now that they were eager to have Volker testify in public. They apparently thought Volker was going to go in front of the cameras, and after everything that’s surfaced from the other witnesses, still insist that none of this happened.

This serves to underscore just how desperate Trump and his allies are when it comes to grasping at any straws that they think might help them even slightly. It’s also a reminder that when you get this desperate, your panic moves often start to blow up in your face. Trump was counting on Kurt Volker’s testimony today – but it ended up hurting Trump.

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