Rudy Giuliani has coronavirus, and it could mark the end of Donald Trump’s election farce

Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus. Considering how many outbreaks he’s been at the center of in recent weeks, it’s a wonder he didn’t catch it sooner. Or maybe he’s had it all along, and he’s been the one causing these outbreaks. Don’t be Rudy. Wear a mask.

It’s worth noting that Donald Trump is the one who announced (via tweet) that Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus. Usually, you announce your own positive test result. But Giuliani, who is usually a motormouth on Twitter, hasn’t tweeted anything since Friday night. It raises the question of whether he may be too sick to tweet. We wouldn’t wish this awful virus on anyone, but Rudy is 76 years old and has appeared to be what you might call “in decline” for some time. He’s not exactly in a good position to fight this off.

In any case, regardless of whether Rudy is seriously sick or not, the mere fact that he’s tested positive means he’ll be isolation for at least two weeks. That means no more hearings, and no more weird meetings with rogue officials at hotels. Rudy had been running what was left of Trump’s “contesting the election” scam. This could be the end of that scam, unless Trump wants to put it in the hands of someone who is even less competent than Rudy.

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