FBI counterintelligence bombshell just landed on Rudy Giuliani’s head

Earlier today, Palmer Report pointed out that Rudy Giuliani was having a pretty bad day. After Rudy announced that he no longer had a lawyer and didn’t need one, yet another person tied to his Ukraine scandal was arrested. This came amid news that Rudy tried to get Donald Trump to take a guy in Pennsylvania and sell him off to Turkey. Now the news has somehow got even worse for Giuliani.

It’s not just that the SDNY is deep into investigating Rudy Giuliani’s criminal finances, which we’ve all known for a few days. It’s that the FBI is also running a counterintelligence probe into Rudy’s international antics, according to a CNN bombshell this afternoon.

This means the Feds aren’t just looking to nail Rudy for having committed financial crimes by taking payoffs from foreign governments and entities. They’re pursuing Rudy for the crimes he committed against the United States, on behalf of the nations that were paying him off. In addition to Giuliani’s confession this week that he took half a million dollars from a company run by his recently arrested Ukrainian associate, it’s also been fairly clear for some time that Rudy has been on Turkey’s payroll.

What’s remarkable here is that the SDNY and FBI are now leaking the details to the media of their Rudy Giuliani investigation. This means they’re far enough along that they’re now trying to make Rudy aware of just how screwed he is, in the hope of pressuring him into cutting a plea deal before his arrest, which should be coming soon. These leaks are also a sign that the Feds aren’t worried about Attorney General Bill Barr being able to block them from taking Rudy down. Now, will Rudy flip on Donald Trump?

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