Rudy Giuliani arrest watch begins

Just how out of control is the Ukraine whistleblower scandal? Two associates of the personal attorney for the President of the United States were just arrested for crimes that the President told his attorney to have them commit. Now we’re left waiting for the President’s attorney to be arrested, as things move forward quickly now in a surreal direction.

As Palmer Report has explained, it’s not just that Rudy Giuliani’s associates have been arrested for their roles in the Ukraine scandal. It’s that all the available evidence points to Donald Trump and Bill Barr having been behind the arrests. Barr just met with the SDNY before the arrests. Trump just hired Rudy’s replacement Trey Gowdy. They’re pretty clearly looking to pin the entire Ukraine scandal on Rudy.

Of course that brings us to the tricky part. Trump and Barr can have the SNDY arrest Rudy Giuliani right now if they want. The money trail runs directly from Rudy’s associates to Rudy’s pockets, meaning that at the least, there’s evidence to arrest Rudy on campaign finance violations. But that in turn brings us to one crucial variable: Rudy’s mouth.

Imagine you’re Rudy Giuliani. You woke up today and saw “Rudolph W. Giuliani” trending atop Twitter, because the arrests are just that big of a deal. You realize Donald Trump is preparing to pin the entire Ukraine scandal on you. Do you go on TV and call Trump out, knowing that it could prompt him to arrest you immediately? Or do you sit back, take the fall, and hope that Trump will quietly pardon you on his way out the door? In any case, The Rudy arrest watch has begun.

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