Donald Trump just threw his former House GOP buddy Pete Sessions under the bus

At some point, as a criminal scandal and coverup begin to completely unravel, the person at the top ends up throwing just about everyone under the bus in the hope of containing the fallout. Not only have Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine scandal associates just been arrested, the criminal indictment against them also throws recently defeated House Republican Pete Sessions under the bus.

The indictment refers to “Congressman 1” but it didn’t take long for the media to suss out that this is a reference to Pete Sessions. The indictment asserts that Rudy Giuliani’s associates essentially bribed Sessions to help them get the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine ousted. If the evidence holds up, Sessions is going to end up in prison.

This is a remarkable development, as just a week ago Pete Sessions was talking about running for the House again in 2020 and trying to win back the seat that he lost in the 2018 blue wave. We’re guessing that won’t happen now. The kicker is that all the available evidence, from Bill Barr’s meeting with the SDNY just before it carried out the arrests, to Donald Trump’s decision to hire Rudy’s replacement Trey Gowdy this week, points to Trump and Barr having been behind everything that’s in this indictment.

This means Donald Trump has thrown Pete Sessions, a guy who was loyal to him when he was in the House, completely under the bus as the scapegoating continues. It makes sinister sense, as Sessions isn’t in the House right now anyway, and therefore isn’t of any current use to Trump in the impeachment battle. Of course Trump just cost himself a future House ally if Sessions had run in 2020 and won, but at this point Trump can’t afford to think that far ahead.

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