The real reason Donald Trump just had Rudy Giuliani’s buddies arrested

The Feds at the SDNY have arrested two associates of Rudy Giuliani who reportedly helped Rudy run his illegal operation in Ukraine aimed at smearing Joe Biden. Some pundits are asking how these arrests could have happened under Donald Trump’s nose without his knowledge. Here’s the thing: the evidence says Trump was behind the arrests.

Here’s what we know: on Tuesday and Wednesday, Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr traveled to New York and met with the SDNY, according to the AP. This tidbit had no real context at the time. But now, immediately after Barr’s meetings with the SDNY ended, the SDNY has arrested Rudy Giuliani’s associates. That can’t possibly be a coincidence.

Also on Tuesday, the same day that Bill Barr was telling the SDNY to have Rudy’s associates arrested, Donald Trump hired Trey Gowdy as his new outside counsel in the impeachment probe. This was the same title Rudy Giuliani had, and there was no way a guy like Gowdy – who was a clown of a politician, but before that was a serious federal prosecutor and reportedly wants to be one again – was going to join a legal team that was being run by an unstable criminal like Rudy. It led Palmer Report to ask yesterday if Rudy was about to “get the axe.” Looks like we were right. But even we didn’t think it was going to be this kind of axe.

There are a few slightly different iterations of what could be going on here. The first is that Donald Trump has decided to scapegoat Rudy Giuliani by pinning the entire Ukraine scandal on him, and he’s starting by having Rudy’s co-conspirators arrested. The second is that Bill Barr is trying to limit his own criminal culpability by pinning this all on Rudy, and Barr isn’t giving Trump a choice about it. Either way, this should scare Rudy into worrying he’ll immediately be arrested if he dares to publicly call the Trump regime out for scapegoating him. If this is the strategy, it’s working for the moment at least, as Rudy’s only tweet since the arrests has been an attack on the Democrats.

Now comes the question of whether Bill Barr will offer Rudy Giuliani’s associates plea deals in exchange for claiming that they were acting solely on Rudy’s instructions, and that everyone else in the Trump regime is innocent. That sounds pretty absurd, of course, because there’s a mountain of evidence proving that this involved everyone and went all the way to the top. But it’s no more absurd than the President of the United States having his own lawyer’s associates arrested in a last ditch effort to contain an impeachment worthy criminal scandal – and that just happened.

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