Ron DeSantis just lost in court AGAIN

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis learned one thing from Donald Trump, it’s that you should keep doubling down on whatever your extremist base wants, no matter how badly you alienate voters in the middle, and it’ll all magically work out. Unfortunately for DeSantis, this is precisely the failed strategy that cost Trump reelection.

Nonetheless, DeSantis – who has all the political savvy of a paper bag – is continuing to double down on his fight against school mask mandates. Nevermind that the polls show most Floridans favor school mask mandates. Nevermind that a double digit number of Florida school districts are now openly defying him on this. And nevermind that a judge has already issued a temporary ruling against him on this. DeSantis just keeps playing the same losing hand over and over.

Now it’s gotten even worse. After having previously issued a temporary stay in favor of allowing school mask mandates, Judge John Cooper has issued a permanent ruling today in favor of school mask mandates. DeSantis can try to take this to appeals court. But as of now he’s officially lost the court battle, precedent has been set, and he’s looking like even more of an inept fool than ever.

Ron DeSantis seems fully intent on getting as many Floridians killed as possible. In the process he keeps driving his approval rating downward, and he’s now in real danger of losing reelection in 2022 to a strong Democratic candidate like Nikki Fried or Charlie Crist. The election is still a year away and a lot can happen, but DeSantis will continue sabotaging himself. If we put in the work required to defeat him, there’s a really strong chance we’ll succeed.

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