Bette Midler just destroyed Ted Cruz

Republican Senator Ted Cruz isn’t just one of the most corrupt, extremist, and mean spirited people in politics. He’s also one of the most tone-deaf. Cruz famously ran off to Cancun for a vacation while his state of Texas was under emergency conditions. Now Cruz has a particularly tone-deaf message for those Americans who are still out of work from the pandemic: “Get a job.”

No really, he said this. Artist and activist Bette Midler was having none of it, ripping Ted Cruz to pieces:

Here’s the kicker. The main reason so many Americans are still out of work is that Donald Trump, who hails from Ted Cruz’s Republican Party, did such a negligent job of botching the pandemic response that it led to an economic collapse that President Biden is still bringing us out of. Bette Midler is right: Ted Cruz shouldn’t be a Senator. He should resign immediately.

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