Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging

Massachusetts is a beautiful state. Being a geography nerd, I am fascinated by all of our wonderful states. But I do have my favorites. And the state of Massachusetts is most definitely one. It has everything. Great cultural cities like Boston. Beautiful coastal towns. Fresh seafood, stunning beaches, educated and open-minded people. I do love the great people of Massachusetts. I have spent so much time in this state. There is so much history, beauty, and culture there. So many great people come from this fantastic state. One of them is Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has not been getting the amount of attention she deserves lately. She has proven herself to be a tireless force for justice in everything that she does, and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. And then again, she persists.

She is an agent of change, strong and grand like Massachusetts itself. Warren has been on the campaign trail, stumping for Governor Gavin Newsom. She has spoken powerfully on him and is doing her best to get out the voter in California. She persists. And we must persist as well.

We have a week remaining, folks. We must do this. We must save California from the bitter force that is Larry Elder. As warm and courageous as Warren is, Elder shares none of her traits. He would destroy California if he were to win.

So, in these last few days, let’s push as hard as we can for Newsom. We will fight on behalf of Elizabeth Warren, who always persists. We will also fight to keep the soul and vitality of California.

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